On November 29th, in Milan, "The Christmas dream" will open, the largest Christmas village in Italy. Thirty thousand square meters at the Snai racetrack of San Siro.

The theme park will consist of different routes. A large toy factory, the elf house, the home of Santa Claus and the reindeer shelter with the big sled. Space is also given to children's letters with a writing room and the post office to send them directly to the North Pole. But also rides and games. Older children can shop in the characteristic Nordic-style market and eat at the food stands set up in wooden houses.

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The Oh bej! Oh bej! represents one of the most ancient Milanese traditions: the first historical origins date back to 1288, a period in which a festival in honor of Ambrogio took place in the area of ​​the ancient Santa Maria Maggiore.

But the origins of the current festival date back to 1510 and coincide with the arrival in the city of Giannetto Castiglione, the first Grand Master of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus. He had been commissioned by Pope Pius IV to go to Milan, in an attempt to rekindle devotion and faith towards the Saints by Ambrosian citizens.

Arriving near the city, Giannetto was afraid of not being welcomed by the Milanese population. He decided to prepare a large number of packages, filled with sweets and toys. Entering Milan, he began with his retinue to distribute the contents of the packages to the Milanese children, who had gathered around the procession together with a large crowd of citizens. The procession reached the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio surrounded by a cheering crowd.

From then on, the Oh bej! Fair began to be organized during the festival dedicated to Ambrogio! Oh bej! Stalls of clothes, old toys, and above all gastronomic products were set up. Typical of the era, along with mustard and castagnaccio, were the firòn: baked smoked chestnuts, dipped in white wine and strung in long strings.

Initially the Oh bej! Oh bej! took place at the Piazza dei Mercanti; in 1886 the event was moved to Piazza Sant'Ambrogio adjacent to the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, where it remained for 120 years until 2006, the year in which it was moved to the area of ​​the Castello Sforzesco (Foro Bonaparte), where it is still organized.

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Domenica al museo | musei gratis | 1 ottobre 2017 | Orari e aperture Eventi a Milano
BookCity Milano è una Manifestazione dedicata al libro e alla lettura attraverso incontri, spettacoli, reading, laboratori, mostre e una maratona di lettura. Un calendario con oltre 1000 appuntamenti. Nei tre giorni della manifestazione, dal 16 – 19 Novembre 2017, Milano diventa la città dei dibattiti letterari. La lettura, esperienza di valore che coniuga innovazione e tradizione, il libro e i lettori ne diventano motori e protagonist

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