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The "Artigiano in fiera" is an event that involves 3000 exhibitors from 100 different countries of the world, this fair represents "the largest craft fair on the planet", founded in 1996 and subsequently promoted internationally!

The passion, intelligence and creativity of these entrepreneurs are magnificent: each one manages to give life to the tradition of his own land, transforming it for the better, with new, captivating, and at the same time innovative, useful or simply good products. Their genius is to be able to communicate to everyone a beauty that only a product made entirely by hand is able to preserve and therefore transmit. And it is precisely this that strikes the visitor: the positivity of a humanity in action. For this reason, participating in Artigiano in Fiera is a unique and exciting experience. From this point of view, local institutions must be increasingly able to exploit micro-small artisan businesses, the true heritage of every region or country, especially in this period of economic contraction: in this sense, craftsmanship demonstrates which is the true "Globalization", that is, a rethinking of one's own product with respect to the needs of consumers, which never becomes "homologation", but tends to exalt the uniqueness of the territory and its tradition.

ARTIGIANO IN FIERA is coming soon!!!!!!!!

This fair is the unmissable opportunity to buy, see and touch artisan products from all over the world, authentic, original and of the highest quality, not found anywhere else.

But not only!!! You can attend musical events, dance performances and try the best of international catering for a world tour in just 9 days!

Dates and opening times:
From Saturday 30 November to Sunday 08 December 2019
From 10.00 to 22.00

Are you a craftsman who exhibits at the Fair?
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