How can you possibly miss the Milan Carnival, where the celebrations finish four days after those in the rest of Italy, from February 15th to 17th, 2018?

According to the Ambrosian rite followed in Milan the last day of carnival is “Shrove Saturday”.

This is why Carnevale here is taken seriously, a ground for distinction that is celebrated in its full traditional glory. The air is filled with colours, confetti and the sweetest aroma of chiacchiere and tortelli.

Here you find some of the events in Milan for the Carnival:

Milano Clown Festival is the international festival of the new clown figure and street theatre, is back with its 13th edition from 14 to 18 February 2018.On "stage" artists and companies of "new circus" from all over the world will animate the city during the Ambrosian Carnival: over 80 artists, 120 appointments in as many as 23 places will perform in shows, special Events, DJ sets, meetings for the kids and schools

Every year, at Carnival time, he reappears to celebrate on the streets. "Meneghino", diminutive of the name Dominic, is the Milanese fancy dress costume par excellence. Flanked by Cecca, together they make a lovely couple. He wears a tricorn (three-cornered hat editor’s note), a wig with a ponytail, a long reddish brown jacket, green pants above the knee and red and white striped socks. Under his jacket he wears a yellow shirt with lace edging and a kerchief around his neck. His shoes are brown with a large front buckle.

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