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The 92nd National Adunata (gathering) degli Alpini is scheduled in Milan from 10 to 12 May 2019.
The choice has a profound meaning as it will take place on the centenary of the founding of the ANA, which was born in the Lombard capital on 8 July 1919.

What is the Adunata degli Alpini?
This is an event that takes place every year in the second week of May in a city chosen, from time to time, by the National Executive Council.
The first Gathering, which was then called the National Conference, took place on Mount Ortigara in September 1920.

How does it work??
The gathering takes place over several days and culminates on Sunday with the parade of thousands of Alpine troops on the streets of the host city.
At the parade, it lasts all day long, only the members of the National Alpine Association participate, divided by ANA sections of belonging and accompanied by numerous bands and brass bands.

The only other people participating in the parade are the local and national political authorities.
The public is placed on the sides or in the stands.

The choice of the host city is made in advance in order to give time to the ANA section and the city to prepare for the event and for 2019 Milan was chosen!

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